Anime Monogatari Series Heroine Book #1: Tsubasa (アニメ<物語>シリーズヒロイン本 其ノ壹 羽川翼, Anime Monogatari Shirīzu Hiroin Bon Sono Ichi Hanekawa Tsubasa) is the first heroine book. In this edition, Tsubasa Hanekawa is featured. It was released on September 19, 2013 in Japan.

It contains the short story: Black Hanekawa's Cat Sign Astrology (ブラック羽川の12猫座占い, Burakku Hanekawa no Jū Ni Nekoza Uranai) along with exclusive illustrations, interviews, and more.

Plot Edit

Black Hanekawa's Cat Sign Astrology Edit


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