Araragi House

The Outside of the Araragi House

The Araragi Residence is the home of the Araragi family. It is a yellow three story house.

In Kizumonogatari, the house is represented by a rectangular building that appears to sit on top of a hill.


Living RoomEdit

Araragi Living Room

The Living Room

The living room is mostly colored white and has a wall with many paintings on it. There is a flatscreen TV, small circular couches and the ceiling has many stage lights hanging from it. There's also red ladders and strange pictures on the walls.

Koyomi's RoomEdit


Side view of Araragi's room

Koyomi's room is on the upstairs. It has a banana couch and unique structures hanging from the ceiling.

Karen and Tsukihi's RoomEdit

Karen and Tsukihi share a room which has two beds, one that is on the ground level and then another which is above a swirly staircase.


Karen and Tsukihi's Room


Araragi Changing Room

Changing Room before entering the bath

Araragi Bathroom

The Araragi Bathroom

The bathroom is shown to be located on the left side of the house. It starts like a normal Japanese bathroom with a changing room that holds a washing machine.

In the anime, the bathroom is shown to be very large with many stain glass windows on the walls and pillars with floating blocks moving up and down in them. In the middle there is a clawfoot slipper bathtub and a mirror with a shower.

This bathroom as described in the novels is a lot smaller and doesn't have the stain glass or pillars.

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