The Bakemonogatari Anime Complete Guidebook (化物語アニメコンプリートガイドブック, Bakemonogatari Anime Konpurīto Gaidobukku) is a guidebook released on October 27, 2010 in Japan for the Bakemonogatari anime adaptation. It is the first of many non-novel books released for the franchise.

Along with other exclusive content, it contains the short stories: Hitagi Buffet (ひたぎブッフェ), Mayoi Room (まよいルーム), Suruga Court (するがコート), Nadeko Pool (なでこプール), and Tsubasa Song (つばさソング).

Plot Edit

Hitagi Buffet Edit

Mayoi Room Edit

Suruga Court Edit

Nadeko Pool Edit

Tsubasa Song Edit

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