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Higasa (日傘) is a member of the basketball team with Suruga Kanbaru. During her second year, she was the vice-captain, but since Suruga retired from the club because of the effects of the Rainy Devil, she became the new captain.


Higasa is a teenage girl with short, black hair and purple eyes. She wears the standard Naoetsu Private High School female uniform.


Suruga Devil

Higasa's only major appearance has been in Hanamonogatari, where she briefly talked to Suruga a few times. She refers to Suruga as "Ruga".


  • Higasa is oddly one of the few minor characters to receive a full character design. As with the presentation of the series, those who appear only for a brief conversation or two often have their faces obscured. She however is more so presented as if she's a part of the main cast despite only appearing in a few scenes.

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