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Hitagi's Father (Hitagi no chichi) aka Senjougahara's Father (戦場ヶ原父, Senjōgahara Father) is the father of Hitagi Senjougahara.


The appearance of Hitagi's father is often depicted as partially obscured, preventing his face from being fully shown. What is known is that he is a middle-aged man with a raspy voice and short gray hair smoothly slicked back. Because of his job as a salaryman, he is dressed in a black business suit.


Despite being taciturn, Hitagi's father is kind-hearted and his affection for Hitagi as a daughter motivates him to continue working in the absence of her mother. Despite this, he trusts Koyomi in making sure that Hitagi is safe as he is unable to spend time with her often.


He is a part of the Senjougahara family, whose life changed when the young Hitagi was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. Although Hitagi managed to survive the ordeal, Hitagi's mother joined a cult out of desperation for ensuring Hitagi's safety; ironically, this also dragged the mother's attention away from the rest of the family. Years later, when Hitagi was struck by an oddity that left her almost weightless, five conmen who promised to cure Hitagi's condition left the family penniless. Hitagi's mother leaves the family for good since then, leaving behind her husband in debt while he struggles to earn a living for Hitagi's sake.


Tsubasa Cat

As the relationship between Hitagi and Koyomi progresses, Hitagi's father agrees to drive the two to a forested area near town for their date. Koyomi initially sees him as an intimidating figure, something that Hitagi later uses to tease Koyomi into submission. Later on, upon arriving at the destination, Hitagi's father talks to Koyomi about

Tsubasa Tiger

In episode 3 he is drinking tea when Tsubasa arrives back at Hitagi's place.

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