Kizumonogatari (傷物語) or KIZUMONOGATARI: Wound Tale in the English publication, is the second part of the Monogatari series. It is the third book overall, and contains the story Koyomi Vamp (こよみヴァンプ).

It is the first book to be released in English, and the first book to be released as an English audiobook.


The title is a portmanteau of two terms:

  • 傷物 (kizumono: defective article, damaged goods, "deflowered girl", "unvirtuous girl" - the latter two which are slang terms, because the girls are "second-hand")
  • 物語 (monogatari: legend, story, tale)


This prequel novel features the life of Koyomi Araragi before the events in Hitagi Crab. It details Araragi's encounter with the vampire Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade and his journey back into humanity from being a vampire.


Koyomi VampEdit

Illustrations Edit

Illustrations by VOFAN.


Kizu movie version

Movie Edition Cover

See also: Kizumonogatari (movie)

An anime film adaptation by Shaft and directed by Tatsuya Oishi was scheduled for a 2012 release before going on a hiatus for years.[3] It was later confirmed to be a three film adaptation, the first coming out on January 8th, 2016.[4]



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