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Koyomimonogatari (暦物語) is the eleventh part of the Monogatari series. It is the fourteenth book overall, and contains twelve short stories.


The title is portmanteau of Koyomi, the name of the narrator of the series, and monogatari, "story". The title can also be read as "Calendar Story".



Koyomimonogatari includes twelve short stories about Koyomi from that destined Spring Break to the end of university exams.

"This novel was written on a 100% out of whim." - NisiOisiN

  • Koyomi Stone (こよみストーン)
  • Koyomi Flower (こよみフラワー)
  • Koyomi Sand (こよみサンド)
  • Koyomi Water (こよみウォーター)
  • Koyomi Wind (こよみウインド)
  • Koyomi Tree (こよみツリー)
  • Koyomi Tea (こよみティー)
  • Koyomi Mountain (こよみマウンテン)
  • Koyomi Torus (こよみトーラス)
  • Koyomi Seed (こよみシード)
  • Koyomi Nothing (こよみナッシング)
  • Koyomi Dead (こよみデッド)


Anime Edit

See also: Koyomimonogatari (mobile application)

An anime adaptation of Koyomimonogatari was distributed through a smart phone application of the same name as an ONA series. Each week a new short episode was released alongside quotes, calendars and other features.


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