Musubimonogatari (結物語) is the seventeenth part of the Monogatari Series. It is the twenty-second book in the series over all and contains four stories: Zenka Mermaid, Nozomi Golem, Mitome Wolf, and Tsuzura Human.

It is the last book in the Off Season of the series.

Publisher's Summary Edit

Teaser Edit

The Monogatari Series is the youthful tale of a boy with the body of a vampire, Koyomi Araragi, saving various girls who encounter oddities. Why, on the cover of this novel, is the heroine Hitagi Senjougahara wearing a white kimono...? In the final entry of the Off Season, we break into a new stage! A must-read new work for all fans! For all eternity, these hearts in love shall never come untied.

Official Summary Edit

"I don't know anything. You're the one who knows... Officer Araragi."

Cracking down on a "rumor" before it can turn into a ghost story. Police officer Koyomi Araragi who has begun working at the Hearsay Department of Naoetsu Station. Hitagi and Tsubasa, who have left town.

What paths have the three have chosen after turning 23 years old... and what are the feelings Koyomi will convey in the end...?

As one knows more, the more you find things you don't know.

These are the modern-day oddities! Oddities! Oddities!

For all time, these hearts in love cannot be unbound.

Etymology Edit

Musubi translates to knot, tie, or bond. The kanji 結 is also used as a part of the word marriage. Musubi refers to a bond or connection. Monogatari means tale or story.

{Considering the character on the cover is Hitagi Senjougahara, and the author's love for word play, it is possible for the title to mean another thing in reference to marriage as well, since the word for marriage (kekkon - 結婚) has the same kanji.}

Introduced Characters Edit

Plot Edit

The story is set 5 years later, after 23-year-old Koyomi Araragi has become a police officer at Hearsay Department, a station set up by Izuko Gaen.  

The book chronicles four stories about him and his co-workers taking on cases while working at the department. 

Zenka Mermaid Edit

Koyomi and a half mermaid named Zenka Suo investigate a drowning case at a river.

Nozomi Golem Edit

Koyomi and a golem named Nozomi Kizashima investigate a case regarding a kamaitachi attacking people at Naoetsu Private High School.

Mitome Wolf Edit

A werewolf named Mitome Saizaki discusses Tsubasa Hanekawa after having been her bodyguard.

Tsuzura Human Edit

A story related to Tsuzura Kouga, the human chief of the department.

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