Nisemonogatari (偽物語) or NISEMONOGATARI: Fake Tale in the English publication, comprised of two volumes, is the third part of the Monogatari series. The fourth and fifth books overall, they contain the stories Karen Bee (かれんビー) and Tsukihi Phoenix (つきひフェニックス).

An official two volume English release from Vertical is scheduled for June and August 2017. 

The novel was originally never intended to be released, as Monogatari author Nisio Isin was merely writing it for his own enjoyment as a sort of "fan fiction," but it ended up being released anyway as a main part of the series. As such, it infamously features a lot more fanservice and bizarre sexual material than its predecessors.


The name is a portmanteau of two terms:

  • 偽物 (nisemono: fake, imitation, bogus, counterfeit, forgery, phony, copy, sham, fraud, fabrication, phoney, falsification, duplicate, spurious article, artificial version)
  • 物語 (monogatari: legend, story, tale)

One popular English translation of the title is "Impostory", translating nisemono as "impostor" and monogatari as "story". This allows the 'st' consonant blend to be shared much as in Ghostory.

Another popular translation is "Sophistory". That is a portmanteau of "sophists" with "story" this time. One meaning of sophist, founded in Plato's sarcastic negative depiction of them, is pejoratively "One who is captious, fallacious, or deceptive in argument."

A third is Travestory. The term travesty (paired again with story in this case) can mean "absurd/grotesque misrepresentation", "parody", "stylistic imitation" or pejoratively, "grossly inferior imitation".

Another is Forgestory, a portmanteau of forgery with story this time.

Bogustory is used in episode 5, and Hoaxtory in episode 6. A variety of portmanteaus can be made using various synonyms for the idea that Nisemono represents.

Counterfeitale is used in episode 8.


Nisemonogatari serves as a direct sequel to Bakemonogatari, following the story of Koyomi Araragi as he continues his relationships with the characters from the series. The two-part novel focuses on supernatural events that involve Koyomi's two younger sisters, Karen Araragi and Tsukihi Araragi.

Plot Edit

The two volume novel is composed of two stories, with Karen Bee forming the first half while Tsukihi Phoenix makes up the second half.

Karen Bee Edit

Without any knowledge of how it came to be, Koyomi finds himself in an unknown place as a prisoner. The reason for and answer to his predicament seem to lay in Hitagi's past and the con artist Kaiki Deishuu, but it becomes clear that there's much more to it than that, and it will threaten the well-being of those Koyomi holds dear.

Tsukihi PhoenixEdit

The second story arc of Nisemonogatari focuses on Koyomi's sister Tsukihi. When Koyomi meets a pair of enigmatic women who know suspiciously too much about him and his friends, he couldn't have anticipated the ramifications of their presence. Now Tsukihi's life may very well be at risk, and the cause behind it will shake the foundation of everything Koyomi knows about his sisters.

Illustrations Edit

Anime Edit

See also: Nisemonogatari (anime series)

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