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Tropicalesque Home-A-Wave Dog-Strings (トロピカレスク・ホームアヴェイヴ・ドッグストリングス, Toropikaresuku Hoomuaueivu Doggusutoringusu) was a vampire servant of Deathtopia Virtuoso Suicide-Master.

As a loyal servant, he followed orders from his master without hesitation, though during her affiliations with the Princess Beauty, Acerola, grew less and less tolerant of her.

He killed himself while attempting to kill Acerola, tearing his body apart past the point of regeneration.

Appearance Edit

Suicide-Master describes him as a blond haired, yellow eyed man with a nice face.

Personality Edit

Despite once being one himself, Tropicalesque hates humans and considers it severely foolish to make light of them. While once an unquestionably loyal servant, Suicide-Master's ordeal with Acerola triggers a defiant side in him.

Plot Edit

Acerola Bon Appétit Edit

This section contains content from Wazamonogatari.

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