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Tsugimonogatari (Connecting Story) was the supposed novel previewed at the end of Zokuowarimonogatari to take place in a season supposedly called Monogatari: Next Season. Since then, it's been largely assumed that both titles have received a name change as Orokamonogatari in Monogatari: Off Season.[1]

The preview in the back of Orokamonogatari shows Wazamonogatari and Off Season along with a list of the series but shows nothing about a Tsugimonogatari or Next Season.[2]

Whether or not these two entities just received a title change or were pushed back for a later date is currently uncertain.



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Second Season 7. Nekomonogatari (White) • 8. Kabukimonogatari • 9. Hanamonogatari • 10. Otorimonogatari • 11. Onimonogatari • 12. Koimonogatari
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Monster Season 23. Shinobumonogatari

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